Importance of AC Fittings for a Safe Job

Importance of AC Fittings for a Safe Job

Traditional fittings for air conditioning and HVAC systems require flaring, brazing, and utilize older technology, such as o-rings that are quickly becoming obsolete. With the introduction of SmartLock® AC fittings, air conditioners can now be repaired and installed more safely, efficiently, and quickly.

SmarkLock® air conditioning fittings use our patented metal-to-metal technology to create a permanent seal that doesn’t require any heat or special tools. With our AC fittings, you can expect a safe job that takes less time to complete, helping you and other HVAC techs to become more efficient.

In today’s blog post from SmartLock®, we’ll be discussing the importance of high-quality AC fittings for job safety. Read on to learn more about our innovative, no-flaring, no-brazing AC fittings, and when you’re ready to give our AC fittings a try, find a SmartLock® distributor near you!

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Open Flames Can Be Dangerous

Traditional AC fittings require flaring, welding, and brazing. This means that HVAC techs are often expected to utilize an open flame in dry attics, around flammable flora, or in other not-so-ideal conditions. Additionally, these techniques require special training, education, safety training, and work permits. Simply put, with SmartLock® AC fittings, using an open flame when working on air conditioning units is a thing of the past. When you choose to work with our AC fittings, you no longer have to concern yourself with brazing or flaring jobs which can be hazardous as well as labor-intensive.

SmartLock® AC fittings don’t require any flaring, brazing, or welding, and they can be used without any special tools. They are ideal for everything from mini-split systems and standard unitary swages to multi-zone systems and VRF systems. SmartLock® AC fittings are also compatible with all refrigerants and compressor oils, making them ideal for almost any job.

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Consistently Safe & No Leaks

SmartLock® AC fittings are consistently safe and effective. They create a permanent seal with absolutely no leaks. This promotes a safer work environment for the HVAC tech completing the installation as well as the home or business owner. It also creates a better, longer-lasting seal, making the operation of the air conditioning unit safer for years to come.

When working with SmartLock® AC fittings, you’ll find that they are consistently compatible with both copper and aluminum tubes, making it easy to utilize our wide selection of flare connectors, swage unions, elbow unions, and more no matter the job or project you’re working on. In addition, you don’t need any special tools or equipment in order to create this seal and prevent leaks. Our metal-to-metal technology ensures a tight and secure seal every time.

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Safer & More Effective Metal-to-Metal Seal

SmartLock® AC fittings utilize metal-to-metal technology to create a seal that is tighter and more reliable than traditional AC and HVAC fittings that utilize o-rings. During the installation process, you tighten the wrench, and the ferrule forms around the outer dimension of the tube, effectively clamping down on the tube. This creates a cold forming of the ferrule and a metal-to-metal seal that is more effective and safer than with older style AC and HVAC fittings.

Our patented metal-to-metal seal also means that our AC fittings are compatible with all tube types and refrigerants. They also tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional fittings since welding, flaring, or brazing is not required. Additionally, while o-rings in traditional AC fittings deteriorate, SmartLock® AC fittings do not experience this type of wear and tear. Instead, they keep a consistently tight and safe seal for the air conditioning unit and condenser that the home or business owner can rely on for many years to come.

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Ideal for Those Who Don’t Have Welding & Brazing Experience

Installing traditional AC fittings has always required experience in welding, brazing, and flaring. Without the proper experience or education, utilizing these types of fittings can be hazardous to both the installer as well as the home or business owner. With SmartLock® AC fittings, HVAC techs don’t need to have extensive experience in these techniques in order to safely and effectively repair or install an air conditioning condenser or unit. In fact, not only do they not need these specific skills any longer, but they also don’t need special equipment. This cuts down on the cost, time, frustration, and safety hazards that are typical of the installation of traditional AC fittings.

Learn More About SmartLock® AC Fittings for a Safer Job

With SmartLock® AC fittings, brazing, flaring, and welding are a thing of the past. With our AC fittings, you can safely and effectively create a permanent seal without the use of special tools or the safety hazards that come with using an open flame in conditions that are less than ideal such as attics, basements, and other tight spaces. With a wide selection of flare connectors, swage unions, elbow unions, and more, you’ll find all of the AC fittings you need at SmartLock®.

Whether you're an HVAC tech or you own an HVAC company, SmartLock® AC fittings are the technology of the future and can help you make your business more efficient and safer for all involved. You’ll also be able to skip the hot work permit that takes time and money to obtain. By utilizing SmartLock® AC fittings, you can take your HVAC company to the next level.

Are you interested in learning more about how SmartLock® AC fittings may be able to help increase job safety, reduce frustration, and increase productivity? Find a SmartLock® distributor near you!