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HVAC/R Compression Fitting For All Refrigerant Lines

Metal to Metal Sealing Technology

When we first got started as a company, we saw many issues with using open flames on expensive equipment to connect the valves to copper or aluminum tubes for any HVAC/R equipment. Not only were the flaring or brazing jobs causing inconsistent results that depended on the skill level of the contractor, but a hazardous job if the contractor had to use open flames in dry attics or in tight corners. Let’s not forget the multitude of equipment and permits that are required for the traditional brazing and flaring work. Enter SmartLock: the global solution to all your HVAC/R problems.

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Swage Reducer

Connects larger swage valve to smaller copper/aluminum tube.

  • Available Sizes:
  • SWUN7834 (7/8”-3/4”)

  • SWUN3458 (3/4”-5/8”)

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Since the advent of heating and cooling technology, advancements in performance and efficiency of air conditioning units and refrigeration have continued on a consistent upward trend. Modern advancements have ranged from improvements in refrigerator quality to more user-friendly thermostats.


If you are in search of an HVAC fitting that is able to connect refrigerant lines without the need for brazing, we recommend the use of our SmartLock® refrigerant HVAC fittings. Learn more about SmartLock and the benefits of investing in our products for your HVAC/R system below, and then contact our team today to get started...

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Traditional refrigerant fittings require technicians to utilize an open flame in the brazing process in order to bind the fittings to pipes. This technique can be dangerous and pose a safety hazard to both the installer as well as the home or business owner. However, until the invention of SmartLock fittings, this was the standard.

Today, the...


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