Labor Cost and Time Saving Analysis

Labor Cost and Time-Saving Analysis Of SmartLock Fittings

Reduce Installation Time and Labor Costs With SmartLock Fittings

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At SmartLock, we understand that time is money, and that's why we've developed a range of innovative locking solutions that are quick and easy to install, reducing both installation time and labor costs. Our fittings are engineered to deliver reliable and secure locking mechanisms, ensuring that your installations are robust and long-lasting. By utilizing SmartLock fittings, you can streamline your installation process, reduce the number of required tools, and save money on labor costs.

Below, we'll dive into the details of the labor cost and time-saving analyses of SmarkLock fittings compared to traditional flaring and brazing methods, providing you with valuable insights into how SmartLock can benefit your business.

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Traditional Flaring Process

Before we dive into the time-saving advantages of SmartLock fittings, let’s take a look at the traditional flaring method, a very time-consuming process that can end up costing your business more in the long run.

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Tool Check

This part of the process involves checking over your flaring tools and arranging them so you have everything you need

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During this time, you will be measuring and cutting your tubes as usual, however with traditional methods, you have to deburr the cut piece, whereas, with SmartLock fittings, deburring is not necessary

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Now for the most time-consuming process — flaring your tube. After inserting the nut onto the tube and inserting the tube into the flaring tool, you now have to check the tube length for flaring, fix the flaring tool, flare the tube, and disassemble the flaring tool. This whole process can take several minutes, especially if there are poor flares or problems with the flaring tools.

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Connecting Tube

After this time-consuming process is done, now comes the time to actually connect your two tubes together, which is as easy as fastening the nut and torquing it down

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Once this lengthy process is done, then you are now ready for a final visual inspection.

Traditional Brazing Methods

There is far more paperwork and specialty tools involved with traditional brazing, and without the proper experience, improper brazing can lead to leaks and costly repairs down the road. Let’s break down the full brazing process and what is involved:

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Tool Check

First, you will need to get a hot work permit so you are able to braze on the job site. You will then need to perform a brazing and N2 gas check along with a safety equipment check. Then you will have to haul all of this equipment to where you need to perform your brazing. This alone can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how far away you have to haul your tools.

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Before any Hot work is performed, you will have to cut the tube to size, deburr it, mark where the tube will be inserted, and wrap a wet towel on the valve.

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Then once it is time to braze, the next couple of minutes will consist of purging your N2 gas and performing a braze.

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Once the braze is complete, then it is time for a visual inspection to see if the braze has been completed fully.

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SmartLock Process

Before we talk about how much time you will save using SmartLock fittings compared to traditional methods, let’s dive deeper into what the SmartLock fitting installation process looks like.

  1. Bring the SmartLock fitting to where you need it installed

  2. Cut your tube (no need to deburr)

  3. Mark your lines using a marking gauge

  4. Insert your tube into the SmartLock fitting

  5. Fasten the fitting

  6. Perform a visual inspection

That’s it!

Compared to traditional flaring methods, SmartLock fittings take almost half the amount of time and labor to complete the same job!

The time savings just get better because compared to brazing, SmartLock fittings take 90% less time and labor to complete compared to traditional brazing!

It’s easy to see why more contractors and distributors are choosing SmartLock fittings for their day-to-day operations. It saves your business tons of money and allows your team to accomplish more in less time. So why wait, contact us today to start saving time and money with SmartLock fittings!

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