Why Contractors Love Our No-Braze Refrigerant Fittings

Why Contractors Love Our No-Braze Refrigerant Fittings

At SmartLock, we offer fittings for refrigeration lines that are specially designed so no welding is needed and less metal is used, unlike the fittings you may be used to with traditional connectors. Our no-braze refrigerant fittings are long-lasting and more durable! In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing four reasons why contractors love using our no-braze fittings.

Brazing copper piping

No Brazing Needed

When contractors use outdated refrigerant fittings, they will have to braze them if they want to create a tight seal. But, with SmartLock’s no-braze refrigerant fittings, there is no brazing required! This means contractors can install refrigerant connectors without risking their safety over an open flame and high heat.

A contractor looking at the piping on a hvac system

Permanent Seal

The last thing you want as a contractor is for refrigerants to leak after you’ve installed a piping system. With most refrigeration connectors, preventing a leak can only be accomplished with meticulous brazing. With SmarkLock refrigeration fittings, you’ll be able to get a permanent seal with the metal-to-metal technology, creating a safer environment for yourself and for the homeowners you serve.

A HVAC technician maintaining a HVAC system

Increased Efficiency

When you use our no-braze refrigerant fittings, you’ll be saving time and money every day. Rather than wasting time dealing with brazing during the installation process and purchasing the protective gear required to do so, our refrigerant hoses and fittings provide reliable efficiency for contractors.

A contractor working on a HVAC system

Compatible with All Tube Types

When you’re working with the copper or aluminum tubes of an HVAC system, you’ll want to find universal refrigerant connectors. Our no-braze refrigerant fittings will work with all of these tubes, and you’ll still have the permanent seal that makes our fittings so dependable.

With all of these features, it’s no wonder contractors love SmartLock’s no-braze refrigerant fittings. They make the job more efficient and give you a reliable finished product. So, if you’re a contractor who is ready to make the job safer and less time-consuming, browse our products today!

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