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Smarter Copper Swage Fittings

When you are swaging copper pipes, you want to be able to depend on parts and tools that make the job as simple as possible. That’s why SmartLock Fittings has crafted smarter copper swage fittings that will make swaging easier and faster than ever, allowing you to save time and money. Shop for your swage tools today.


Swaging Your Pipes

When you are swaging copper pipes, you will be slightly resizing the opening of one pipe so that it can fit over another — often existing — pipe. While this process is relatively simple, it can be time-consuming and frustrating if you accidentally swage to the wrong size or split your copper. SmartLock Fittings offers tools to make swages much easier and smarter.


Swage Union

If you are utilizing standard straight swages, you can use our swage union tool. This ensures that the swaged ends are secure, won’t leak, and will provide a lasting connection without the need of brazing. This metal-to-metal connection is secure and reliable, giving your pipes the security that is needed.


Elbow Swage Union

Many times, you may need to perform a swage over an elbow in a pipe. For these cases, we’ve developed our elbow swage union (ELSW) to make this much easier. Not only will you get the same advantages as our standard swage union, but it can make the harder to reach areas of your job much simpler to handle.

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Whether you are in need of standard swage unions or elbow swage unions, you can find what you need with SmartLock Fittings. Our high-quality swages are easy to use and give you and your clients dependable services. You can shop with us online or get in touch with our team today to discuss using our swages.

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